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Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki Biography

Caroline Wozniacki has managed to build a reputation as one of the foremost tennis players in the women’s game, finding success despite the fact that Serena Williams in particular has continued to dominate in recent years. Her performances in Grand Slams, particularly the US Open, and her relationship with golfing sensation Rory Mcllory have kept her in the media spotlight over the last few years.

Wozniacki is the daughter of Polish born immigrants and, despite her later successes in the world of tennis, she actually started her journey in sport playing volleyball. Her father, Piotr, was also a soccer player of some repute, though her never managed to break into the Polish national side. However, his career took the family to Denmark when Piotr signed for a club there and her brother Patrik also began a career as a professional soccer player. As for Wozniacki, she began to develop an interest in tennis, having left the world of women’s volleyball behind. She became a prominent figure on the junior’s circuit, winning a number of tournaments in 2005. This promise eventually manifested into a professional career and, after a number of successes at a fairly young age, Wozniacki debuted on the WTA tour in mid-2005.

Wozniacki’s early career was fairly undistinguished. Despite making a number of appearances on the WTA tour, she tended towards being knocked out at the early stages, often by veterans who had a number of years’ worth of experience in the circuit. However, those early years acted as a learning curve for Wozniacki and she took her lumps as she developed into a world class tennis player. Her junior career continued into 2006, where she was the top seed for the Australian Open but eventually lost in the finals. However, her quality in the regular WTA tour began to shine through and, even at her young age, she managed to reach a WTA quarterfinal in 2006, eventually losing out to Sofia Arvidsson of Sweden. However, these performances were enough to give her a wild card entry into the world famous Wimbledon tournament in the same year. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the first round, though she managed to win the junior’s version of the same tournament. These experiences continued to inform her senior career and she eventually graduated to success against players her were far above her experience level. Her first WTA title came in late 2006, when she beat Tatjana Malek in the finals of the ITF-Tournament in Istanbul. Over the following months, she scored a number of other minor successes on the WTA tour, marking herself out as somebody to keep an eye on in the main tour, particularly during Grand Slam season. From here she managed to gain a reputation in the women’s game and, despite the fact that she has never won a Grand Slam, Wozniacki has been ranked as the top female player in the world on a number of occasions. She has also reached the finals of the US open two times and, at the tender age of 25, many believe that it is only a matter of time before she claims her first Slam.

Caroline Wozniacki at a Glance

Caroline Wozniacki Date of Birth: July 11, 1990
Caroline Wozniacki Place of Birth: Odense, Denmark
Caroline Wozniacki Nationality: Danish
Caroline Wozniacki on Facebook:  
Caroline Wozniacki Website:  
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Caroline Wozniacki Bra Size: 34C
Caroline Wozniacki Eye Colour: Blue
Caroline Wozniacki Hair Colour: Blonde
Caroline Wozniacki Height: 1.79m
Caroline Wozniacki Weight: 58kg
Caroline Wozniacki Measurements: 36-26-36
Caroline Wozniacki Show Size: 10
Caroline Wozniacki Dress Size Unknown

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