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Malia Jones

Malia Jones

Malia Jones, who was born on March 27, 1977, has achieved fame in the world of surfing, but also has a successful modelling career, which came about as a result of her achievements in the sport. She has become a recognised authority in the world of female surfing, in addition to maintaining a modelling career for more than two decades.

Jones was born in Loma Linda, which is in California, but moved to Kailua in Hawaii at the tender age of two years old. It is here that she began to develop a real passion for surfing, with the Hawaii climate and coast providing the perfect opportunity for her to practice. However, her introduction to the sport is rumoured to go much further back, with popular myth claiming that her mother placed her on a surfboard the day after she was born. Whatever the facts, it seems that Jones was destined for a career in the waves and she dedicated herself to honing her craft in her early years.She began to surf competitively once she reached her early teens, juggling a burgeoning career with her school work. This culminated in a victory at the United States Amateur Surfing Championship, where she took the top price in the girl’s division at the age of 15. This achievement marked a change in course for Jones, whose surfing ability and good looks had attracted the attention of a number of people. It was around this time that she began to leave competitive surfing behind to focus more on her modelling career.

Following her success at the United States Amateur Surfing Championship, Surfing Magazine spotted the precocious young teenager with the immense talent and asked her if she would be interested in modelling for them in the magazine’s swimsuit issue. This led to a second career for Jones, as she became one of the most admire surfing models in the world. Since that championship win, she has dedicated herself to her modelling career and has appeared on the cover of more than a dozen magazines. She has also become a regular feature of famed Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which has only served to increase the number of admirers that she has. Her work has also included television commercials for a number of top brands, including American Express, Capri Sun and Corona Beer, with this increased exposure leading to her being named one of America’s top ten sexiest athletes by Esquire in addition to being named one of the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine. Despite her modelling commitments, Jones has managed to keep in touch with her surfing roots. She worked as a consultant on the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch in addition to creating a line of swimwear for the Mambo Graphics sportswear brand. She was also married to surfer Conan Hayes in 1999, before marrying another professional surfer named Luke Stedman following the couple’s divorce. Today she has split from Stedman and is currently married to actor Alex O’Loughlin, with whom she raises three children.

Malia Jones at a Glance

Malia Jones Date of Birth: March 27, 1977
Malia Jones Place of Birth: Loma Linda, California, USA
Malia Jones Nationality: American
Malia Jones on Facebook:  
Malia Jones Website:  
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Malia Jones Bra Size: Unknown
Malia Jones Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Malia Jones Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Malia Jones Height: 1.68m
Malia Jones Weight: 59.8kg
Malia Jones Measurements: Unknown
Malia Jones Show Size: Unknown
Malia Jones Dress Size Unknown

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